Avoid Visible Scars with Trans-Umbilical Breast Implants

Traditional breast implant techniques have come a long way over time in reducing the appearance or hiding incision scars. Trans-Umbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) adds a new level of concealment to the insertion of cosmetic implants.

The Procedure
Anesthesia is usually applied locally with intravenous sedation before the surgery begins. Small incisions are made inside of the belly button to insert a deflated implant into the body. A tunnel is created using an endoscope to give the doctor a clear view as the implant is lead into place. Implants can be placed above or below the pectoral muscle, depending on the desire of the patient and the condition of the existing breasts. Once …

5 Best Botox Information Pages

Going through Botox procedures can certainly be a unique experience. For many they haven’t really given this a lot of thought even though they want to go through this procedure. Of course, when it comes to learning about Botox, many often find it difficult. There are so many different options to find out some information however, most people think their only option is to head to a doctor in order to find out the real costs and everything else.

To be honest, people are not going to pay a consulting fee and don’t want to pay a consulting fee either. That is why today more and more people are looking for …

10 Surgeon Review Sites

No matter what type of surgery you may undergo, you are going to of course want to know about the surgeon you are choosing. You never want to choose a surgeon that isn’t one of the highest regarded surgeons. It is just so important to know all about the person who is working on you! It’s different when you go into a hospital for emergency treatment from when you go to get some form of plastic surgery done.

So who is treating you? That is a big question and you should find out who you are choosing. It’s maybe not safer because all doctors are registered but at times, it makes you …

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